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August 2020
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US and EU server merge on March 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2017

Time: 2017-03-03 04:30


US and EU server merge on March 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2017


Dear players,


We will conduct a server merge for EU servers on March 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th, 2017, during daily maintenance time. The merging servers will be down for about 60 minutes.


US Servers:

(Time: 1:30 am server time)

6th: s19-27, s28-35, s36-43, s44-54, s55-62

7th: s63-70, s71-80, s81-88, s89-99, s100-103

8th: s104-107, s108-111, s112-115, s116-119

9th: s120-123, s124-127, s128-131, s132-135, s136-139

10th: s140-143, s144-147, s148-151, s152-155


EU Servers:

(Time: 6th-8th, and 10th, 3:30 am server time;

9th 5:00 am server time)

6th: s5-8, s9-12, s13-18

7th: s19-22, s23-26, s27-30

8th: s31-34, s35-38, s39-42

9th: s43-46, s47-49, s50-51, s52-53

10th: s54-55, s56-57, s58-59, s60-61


Server Merge Rules:

1.    After Server Merge, players’ character name will not be changed. Players can log in the game from the original server.

2.    After Server Merge, players’ guild will not be changed but guild officers will be cleared.

3.    After Server Merge, the Rank will reset. If players have the same level or same rank, the rank will be ordered according to the date and time of upgrading or leveling up.

4.    After Server Merge, the new guild level will be based on the highest one of the merged servers.

5.    After Server Merge, players' Arena ranking will be cleared.

6.    After Server Merge, the instances players have passed that day will not be reset.

7.    After Server Merge, the following data will remain the same:

(1)  Players’ social relation will remain the same, including lover, friends, enemies, and blacklist.

(2)  Players’ personal data will remain the same, the instances passed will not be reset.

(3)  Top-up and spending records will remain the same.

(4)  Item received records will remain the same.

(5)  Players’ guild contribution will remain the same.

8.    After Server Merge, the following data will be reset:

(1)  Guild titles will be reset, please try to get them again.

(2)  Items in the Guild Warehouse will be cleared, please exchange in time.

9.    Treasure Cabinet events will be changed to synchronize with the earliest server. Please receive the rewards in advance

10.  During server merge, characters with the conditions below will be deleted.

(1)  Inactive for 15 days or more;

(2)  Without top-up records;

(3)  Below Lv.50


Server Merge Events:

1.    Daily Login: In the first ten days of Server Merge, login daily to receive different items, can receive 7 times in total.

2.    Super Discount: In the first ten day of Server Merge, spending reaches certain amount will get discount.

3.    Top-up Ranking: In the first seven days of Server Merge, top 1-10 players in accumulative top-up ranking can get different rewards, players whose top up amount reaches 500 diamonds can also get rewards.


4.   Daily Top-up: For the first 7 days of server merge, every day accumulative top-up different amount can obtain different rewards.

5.    7-Day Accumulative Top-up: In the first seven days of Server Merge, accumulative top-up reaches certain amount to get different rewards.


If you encounter any problems after server merge, please do not hesitate to contact us.


SAO's Legend Operating Team

March 3rd, 2017