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Valentine’s Day Top-up Event

Time: 2017-02-14 00:56

Valentine’s Day Forum Event

Top Up Diamonds to Get Surprises!

Time: 2017.2.14 0:00—2017.2.28 23:59


1.Players whose Daily Top-up reaches 400 Diamonds can join the Event. The Top 50 US Donators and the Top 50 EU Donators will receive a Daily Top-up Giftpack. If more than one player is tied for the 50th Position, the player whose top-up record is the first will receive the Giftpack.

2.During the Event, players who top up over 400 Diamonds every day will receive a Surprise Giftpack after the Event is over.

Giftpack Schedule:

Feb 17th— Daily Top-up Giftpack for the 14th,15th,16th

Feb 20th— Daily Top-up Giftpack for the 17th,18th,19th

Feb 23rd— Daily Top-up Giftpack for the 20th,21st,22nd

Feb 27th— Daily Top-up Giftpack for the 23rd,24th,25th

Mar 1st — Daily Top-up Giftpack for the 26th,27th,28th

Mar 2nd — Surprise Top-up Giftpack

All Packs will be sent to your mail box.

Rewards display: